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Chesir was rated as “Guangxi Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise”


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The Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Industry and Commerce Federation Wei Zhengfang led a team to Chesir to inspect the development of corporate culture.

On August 25,?the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce?held the region’s private enterprise culture construction training class and corporate culture commendation conference,at the conference,Chesir was rated as “Guagnxi Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise”.Only two companies in Liuzhou won this award.

The construction of corporate culture is an important way to improve the level of corporate management, highlight the value of corporate brands, and enhance corporate influence, it is also an inevitable requirement for building soft power of enterprises.Since its establishment, Chesir has always regarded the construction of corporate culture as an important part of its strategic layout, and promoted the overall progress and development of the company through the construction of corporate culture.The evaluation of Guangxi’s Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise is of great significance to Chesir.Because this is not only an affirmation of the achievements of the company’s corporate culture, but also a spiritual inspiration for Chesir.

Looking back on the development process of Chesir’s?corporate culture construction, it is actually the history of Chesir’s?people’s struggle——In the early days of factory construction, this was a barren vacant lot, and everything started from scratch.Water supply, electricity supply, civil construction, temporary tent construction, preliminary planning …The earliest founding team of Chesir started the entrepreneurial road in a difficult environment.Although there are many difficulties, a hardworking entrepreneurial spirit unites everyone tightly together.The spirit of hard work, quietly sprouts and grows up in everyone’s heart like a seed.

In difficult conditions, Chesir’s?people, regardless of you or me, regardless of personal gain or loss, went all out for?one goal, and formed?Chesir’s corporate culture of ?“hard work, unity and hard work”.

Chairman Su Ertian pointed out: “Corporate culture is the foundation of enterprise development and the way of competition. It can control people’s hearts and unite people’s hearts. From the business development of an enterprise to the work and life of employees,corporate culture can play a huge role.”

In 2014, Chesir?completed the preliminary construction and put it into production,the company began to improve the corporate culture system and completed the refinement of corporate culture.And clarified the company’s development vision, mission, corporate purpose, values, corporate spirit, team spirit, development strategy, core idea of management, business philosophy, and corporate development strategy.On November 8, 2014, Chesir held a summary meeting of corporate culture construction,formulated corporate culture construction rules, clarified the construction of MI and VI, formed a staff literacy manual, and a seven-color cultural propaganda manual, which condensed the spirit and materialization of the seven-color people.

While conducting a series of refinements and publicity,the company also vigorously carries out large-scale event planning, so that each employee can give play to their sense of ownership and actively participate in the company’s cultural construction.Karaoke competition, employee sports meeting, Chinese New Year activities, etc., let everyone feel the company’s care in a happy atmosphere.At the same time, a large-scale corporate culture promotion work is also carried out simultaneously, and publicize the basic knowledge, key points, corporate philosophy, and entrepreneurial spirit of corporate culture are promoted through corporate newspapers, leaflets, banners, window and other carriers.


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