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Counterpart poverty alleviation in action——Chesir raised money for Liuhe Village


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On the morning of December 25th, employees of various departments of the company lined up in a neat line on the first floor of the office building. Everyone spontaneously gathered here to participate in the fund-raising activities of”Poverty Alleviation and Loving Aid” in Liuhe Village, Jiangkou Town, Luzhai County.

Donation ceremony scene

As you know, Liuhe Village is the counterpart of Chesir.The reason why the company organized the donation is to help Liuhe Village.Under the leadership of the company’s chairman and general manager, all employees actively participate and actively donate.From reading the proposal to lining up to donate, the scene is full of love melody.

This time the company organized fund-raising, one was to raise a “poverty assistance fund”, and the other was to set up a “Chesir ?scholarship”.

?Leaders?of company take the lead in donating.

Employees line up to donate

Status of Liuhe Village

Chicken houses built by villagers

There are more than 3,000 acres of wild hawthorn forest in Liuhe Village

After a detailed analysis of the current situation of Liuhe Village, company’s?leaders believe that to really help Liuhe Village develop, it is necessary to give full play to Liuhe Village ’s own advantages and drive the development of the industry.Therefore, the company decided to give full play to the advantages of Chesir?in market information, talent technology, capital management, social resources, etc., combined the resource advantages of Liuhe Village, providing production, supply, marketing services and scientific and technological training for agricultural products.At the same time, free accommodation, food subsidies, vocational training, etc. will be provided to farmers who intend to work at Chesir.

In fact, “pairing up” with Liuhe Village, helping poor villages is only part of Chesir’s charity work.Minding and repaying the society is one of the core contents of Chesir’s corporate culture.Since the establishment of Chesir, it has consciously assumed the responsibility of giving back to the society.

Over the past few years, Hongzun Group, which Chesir belongs to,, has donated to establish the “Guangxi Institute of Technology Hongzun Award Fund”, and Chesir has donated to establish “Guangxi University Chesir?Award Fund”.From 2011 to 2014, the company donated washing machines, books and provided funds to primary schools in Luzhai County, Rongshui County, and Shayang County,funding was also provided for the construction of primary schools.In addition, the company supported the construction of minority villages such as Rongshui and Liucheng, and had donated money and materials to the affected areas such as “Zhouqu”.Funded a new rural health center in Lagou Township, which won the praise of the local people.These activities sent warmth to the people who really need it, and delivered the “Chesir positive energy”.

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