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Chesir?grandly held the 2015 summary and commendation conference


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In the afternoon of January 30, all employees gathered together, and the company auditorium was full.Employees filled with joy and participated in the Chesir’s 2015 Summary and Commendation Conference.Chesir’s chairman Su Ertian, general manager Zheng Shizhan and the company’s leadership team attended the meeting and summarized the various work of Chesir in 2015, praised the units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the overall development of the company over the past year, and arranged and deployed various tasks in 2016.

General manager Zheng Shizhan pointed out in the company’s annual development summary?that in 2015, all employees worked together to create a new situation for the development of Chesir.The company has achieved outstanding results, especially in market development, scientific research capabilities, technological transformation, production capacity, quality control, etc., and a group of outstanding and aggressive workers have emerged.

The company solemnly honored?dozens of outstanding workers, including outstanding employees, outstanding new employees, outstanding managers, outstanding teams, and special chairman awards.New employee representatives, excellent employee representatives and outstanding manager representatives thanked?the company for its careful cultivation, and said that they will continue to work hard to make greater contributions to the company’s development.


Mr.Su?thanked all employees for their hard work over the past year and extended sincere thanks to all employees and their families on behalf of the company.Mr.Su encouraged all employees to make persistent efforts and strengthen their confidence to implement the company’s annual work goals and further improve the core competitiveness of Chesir; continue to strengthen the company’s standardized management and play the role of comprehensive management to promote the company’s overall development; continue to work hard to build corporate culture, actively take advantage of personal advantages, integrate into the Chesir’s corporate culture, and build a harmonious, positive, innovative and enterprising corporate culture, strive to build Chesir into a world-leading pearlescent new material company.

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