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The company’s deputy chief engineer was honored as one of the top ten civilized citizens of the 4th “Touching Luzhai”


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On February 3, the fourth “Touching?Luzhai”?award ceremony for the top ten civilized citizens was held?at the Spring Festival Gala in Luzhai County.Chen Zhongqing, deputy chief engineer of Chesir, was named the “top ten dedicated civilized citizens”.

Chen Zhongqing is a senior chemical engineer and quality engineer.Since November 2013, he has served as Deputy Chief Engineer and Minister of Safety Supervision Department and Manager of Quality System Department of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd.In 2014 and 2015, he was awarded the “Special Chairman’s Award”.?Over the years, he has always been full of enthusiasm and selflessness for his work.Due diligence, based on the position to do every task assigned to him by the company,and he courage to innovate, dedicate silently, abide by professional standards, do justice, and have won widespread praise from leaders and colleagues,and he has demonstrated the lofty professional ethics and professionalism of Chesir’s person.

It was driven by a group of technical talents represented by Chen Zhongqing,the scientific and technological research and development of Chesir has yielded fruitful results in recent years.A large number of new products have been put on the market, and some products have also filled the gaps in the global industry. The product quality has been steadily and rapidly improved, and Chesir applys for multiple invention patents.In 2015, the company’s enterprise technology center was identified as an “Autonomous Regional Enterprise Technology Center”. The artificial mica project was included in the key projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Chesir has become an industry-leading technology company.

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