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Chesir?enthusiastically launched standardized operation training


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On March 17th, Chesir?Enterprise Management Enhancement-Standardized Operation Training was launched in Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College.Leaders such as Lin Ruosen, deputy dean of Liuzhou Vocational &?Technical College, and Zhou Fangchao, executive deputy general manager of Chesir, attended the ceremony.

Mr.Lin gave a welcome speech.

? ? ? ? ? ??Mr. Zhou asked managers to improve the standardization of operations

Mr.Lin warmly welcomed the arrival of Chesir’s?training students, and said that he would maintain a good interaction between the school and enterprises.Mr. Zhou put forward specific requirements for the trainers, and hoped that the managers can update the knowledge in ideology and concept while Chesir is developing rapidly, and continue to add value, and implement the standardized management of the enterprise.

Students was listening?carefully

Teachers from Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College?were?explaining?practical training courses

Standardization is the foundation of manufacturing and the fundamental guarantee of product quality.All standardization work of the enterprise must be effectively implemented through the site.This training was aimed at the team leaders of the manufacturing center and above. Through standardized knowledge training and production line drills, the effective methods of on-site production management are discussed.Strengthen standardized understanding of management team through standardized operation knowledge training and production line drills, exploring effective methods of on-site production management,it ?has a positive effect on improving and stabilizing product quality, effectively implementing the effective implementation of standards such as enterprise regulations and production processes, and reducing production costs.

Focusing on the annual production and operation goals, Chesir has formulated a complete annual training plan.The scope of training covers the company’s management and employees in various positions, achieving full-time and year-round training.It will play a promoting role in the continuous improvement of enterprise management level and market competitiveness.

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