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Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission Investigation Team visits Chesir?????


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On the morning of March 23, members of the County Economic Research Group of the ?Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission accompanied by Chen Gang, deputy magistrate of Luzhai County, visited Chesir to conduct research.

The research team visited Chesir’s?product application exhibition hall, and went on-site to inspecte the product types, production processes, and market space of Chesir.They exchanged information on the production and sales rate, freight volume and other indicators, existing difficulties and problems, and policy measures. They also learned about the operation of the company since this year.

Chesir?is the first stop of this county economic survey.As the first company listed on NEEQ in Luzhai County, Chesir relies on the industry-leading patented technology to ?expand the domestic and foreign sales markets quickly ,and laid a solid foundation for achieving the annual sales target.Leaders of the research team encouraged Chesir to continue to work hard to deal with the new economic situation with a positive attitude.


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