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Chesir speed: production capacity hit a new high in March!


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Since the beginning of 2016, due to the surge in customers’ orders, the products are in short supply, and the stock volume of the company’s warehouse is seriously urgent.

In order to complete the order task on schedule, the company’s?leaders issued the first “Military Order” this year—in March, the production department must increase production capacity.

After receiving the “Military Warrant”, all employees of Chesir ?immediately entered the first-level preparation state, and each department held a meeting separately to formulate tasks to complete the decomposition plan.Task completion countdown started timing


All employees in the production management department, the pearl workshop, the mica workshop, and the maintenance workshop concentreated on production and made an all-out effort.

[Keywords] Meeting

[Time] Every afternoon at two o’clock

【Location】 Pearl Experiment Office

Every afternoon, no matter what unfinished work is in hand, the heads of the production workshops would?arrive at the meeting site on time, exchanged?the production status of the day, communicated?and solved?the problems in time.The meeting cannot last too long, so they spoke quickly and communicated succinctly, strived to save time and rushed ?back to the production line as soon as possible.

[Keywords] Equipment Maintenance

【Location】 In the workshop

High-strength continuous production has extremely high requirements on production equipment.The equipment repair team was like an army ready to fight and enter the “battle” state at any time.

Whenever there was a problem with the device, whether it is three o’clock in the night or five o’clock in the morning, they would?appear in time until the device resumes?normal use.

[Keywords] quality, quality, and?quality

【Location】 Laboratory, Hydrolysis Workshop

“Look, is the color darker here?”Experimenters were?debugging.Sometimes, the color of the product needs to be repeatedly debugged to meet the requirements.Despite ?schedules was tight and the tasks were heavy, the quality control of the products had not been slack.


[Keywords] Good News


【Location】 Work Contact Group

In a state of high tension, the most refreshing thing for everyone was ?to see such a sentence in the work contact group:Good news! Good news! After everyone’s efforts, the output of each section has increased significantly today, setting a new record for historical output!”

Thanks to the joint efforts of all employees, the good news came again on March 31:As of 12pm on March 31st, the task was?over-completion!This was the labor result of all employees ’hard work, the power of collective wisdom, and the historical leap that every Chesir’s employee should be proud of.

Look, the employees were?delivering goods nervously. The products of this car were?all bought by us for a whole month.

The improvement of production capacity was the result of the hard work of all employees of Cheisr, the unanimous cooperation of various departments, and the team battle.Facts have proved that Chesir’s employees have extraordinary willpower and fighting power. We are an iron-clad army, no matter what difficulties we face, we can all face the difficulties and move forward bravely!

Finally, Let’s say to all employees who are committed to completing this task: you have worked hard,thank you !

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