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Chesir was awarded “Five-Star Party Organization” in Liuzhou City


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In the city’s further promotion of the “Enterprise Party Construction Demonstration City” creation activity, after level-by-level declaration and evaluation and acceptance, the party branch of Guangxi Chesir Pearl ?Material Co., Ltd. was awarded the “five-star party organization” in Liuzhou?on April 7,

Under the leadership of secretary of Chinese Comunist Party Branch Zhou Fangchao, the company’s party branch paid?close attention to the education and training of party cadres and regularly holds “three meetings and one lesson”(Party branch meetings, branch committees, party panel meetings, and party lessons)?to timely convey the spirit of superior party organization documents and enhance cohesion and the political ability of party members; strengthened the support of the party and the masses , jointly solved the technical and production problems.In order to give full play to the exemplary role of party members, Chesir had set up five party member demonstration posts and five party member responsibility zones to actively promote party organization construction and company development.Under the organization of the Party branch, the company had carried out a variety of cultural and sports activities, which had enriched the spare time of employees and also strengthened the cohesion of the party organization.

In response to the“100 Private Enterprises Helping 100 Poor Villages” activity of the county party committee and county government,Chesir paired up with Liuhe Village, Jiangkou Township,the Party Branch took the lead in carrying out poverty alleviation and assistance work.They donated money, set up scholarships, and made suggestions for poor villages to help poor villagers.

Chesir’s?Party branch fully gave play to the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress and a vanguard of party members. The party building work was very effective and made outstanding contributions to the vigorous development of the enterprise.

The daily work of the party branch


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