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The Research Group of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region visited Chesir to carry out research.


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On the afternoon of June 30,the research group of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, composed of the leaders of the Department of Finance of Autonomous Region, Tax Bureau of Autonomous Region, district industrial and information commission, municipal transportation bureau, and municipal quality supervision bureau, visited Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd and investigated the development of the company.Leaders from multiple departments accompanied the investigation.

Chesir’s chairman Su?Ertian introduced to the research team that the production scale of?Chesir has reached the leading level in Asia, and has successfully opened domestic and international sales?markets.At present, under the downward pressure of the global economy, pearlescent materials are growing against the trend and showing a continuous upward trend.In order to seize the international market, Chesir accelerates its development, takes advantage of its independent research and development of patented technology, increases investment in technology research and development, continuously develops new products and applications, and promotes the transformation of R & D results.

Wang Liude, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Autonomous Region People’s Congress and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee,said that Chesir’s industry has obvious advantages, outstanding market competitiveness, and broad future development space.In response to the current difficulties in financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, Mr.Wang said that for companies with strong core competitiveness and in need of assistance, government will provide relevant financing support services to help companies accelerate development.

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