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Good news! Chesir obtained another national invention patent authorization.


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A few days ago, another invention patent of Guangxi Chesir Pearl?Material Co., Ltd. was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.The patent’s name is “Blue-green series pearlescent effect pigment and its preparation method”, the patent number is ZL201510113750.4.

This patented technology is a major breakthrough for the company’s main product pearlescent pigment products-It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional pearlescent pigment, such as low coloring, low temperature resistance, and low weather resistance.It has more excellent coloring and high temperature stability and excellent weather resistance so that it is widely used in high-temperature ceramics,outdoor coatings and automotive coatings.The patented product, with the jadeite series as the trade name, has been successfully introduced to the market and has been successfully applied in the fields of Italian ceramics, domestic ceramics and outdoor coatings.

The company’s R & D personnel have always been committed to developing new preparation methods for pearlescent effect materials and pearlescent pigment applications to improve the superiority of pearlescent effect materials.After repeated experiments, the R & D team and personnel overcame the difficulties in the R & D process and solve one problem after another.Finally,they successfully developed the “blue-green series of pearlescent pigments and their preparation methods”, and obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.This patent is an effective practice that the company advocates technological innovation, once again enhances the company’s pearlescent effect material preparation level, fills the technical gap in the pearlescent effect material field, and leadthe pearlescent effect material industry to take a new step.

Since the establishment of Chesir, the company attaches great importance to technological research and development and technological innovation.In order to stimulate the innovation of technical personnel, the company introduced special incentive measures, and the overall level of technology research and development has obvious advantages.The patent results obtained have accumulated impetus for the company’s future development, further improved the company’s product technology content, enhanced product stability, improved the company’s core competitiveness, and provided a strong scientific and technological support for the company’s redevelopment.

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