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Chairman Su?Ertian led a team to inspect the?Chesir’s European subsidiary


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From October 17-18,Chairman Su Ertian, Chief Engineer Professor Fu Jiansheng of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. and his party went to Chesir’s subsidiary ——CHESSIR EUROPE S.A.S for inspection, and fully understood the business situation of subsidiaries, and visited employees who were overseas.

In recent years, Chesir has made great achievements in the domestic and foreign markets, and the business in the international market has grown rapidly.Under the strong demand of overseas business, CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S?came into being.CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S?is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd.,it is responsible for the development and management functions of Chesir’s dealers and terminal customers in the European market.And as a overseas research and development sub-center and logistics sub-center of Chesir, it provides strong technical and after-sales service support for Chesir’s international market customers, and has a first-class R&D team and marketing team.

CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S?is located in Toulouse, southwestern France.Toulouse is the center of French commerce, logistics and manufacturing.Located between the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, it is one of the ten largest transportation hubs in France and the headquarters of Airbus, the world ’s largest aircraft manufacturer.The location of CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S?is of strategic importance——Use its favorable geographic location to open up marketing networks and logistics channels quickly;Toulouse is the second largest university city in France after Paris. Universities, research institutes, and independent laboratories are intensively located here, providing sufficient talent support and technical innovation support for the continuous innovation of pearlescent material technology.

L’Oreal, LVMH, Chanel, and Kering are among the top ten cosmetics groups in the world, and they are the main end users of pearlescent pigments,and the market demand for pearlescent pigments,especially high-end cosmetic grade pearlescent pigment,is unlimited.The establishment of the CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S is of great significance to the development of the international market of Chesir,and it has a great impetus for the realization of the corporate vision of “becoming a global leading pearlescent new material company”.Its establishment has taken a solid step towards the realization of Chesir’s enterprise development strategy of “based on Guangxi, radiating the whole country, and leading the world”.


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