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Chesir?exchanged?experience at on-site meeting?of Guangxi private enterprise innovation?driving?green development


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From October 24 to 25, in order to deeply implement the spirit of the innovation?driving?development conference of the district, promote the green development of private enterprises in our district and improve the quality and efficiency, we must implement well and achieve results.On-site exchange meeting on innovation-driven, green development, quality improvement and efficiency improvement of private enterprises in Guangxi was held in Nandan County, Hechi Municipal.A total of 110 people participated in the meeting, including leaders and entrepreneur representatives from 14 prefecture-level industrial and commercial federations in the district.

With the strong support of governments at all levels, including autonomous regions and Liuzhou Municipal,Chesir is based on the strategic goal of “building into a global leading pearlescent new material company”,Chesir has continuously innovated its working ideas through scientific research and technological innovation, talent team innovation, capital market innovation, and enterprise management innovation, and it has created a new situation in the development of pearlescent materials.

In her?speech, Mo Changying, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce, fully affirmed the hard work and results achieved by private enterprises?that can overcome the huge challenges,?innovate to survive and seek development, and make the company develop healthily and sustainably,?grow steadily, promote employment?in the difficult period of increasing economic downward pressure.She said that in the face of the new normal, quite a number of enterprises actively seek methods and paths for transformation and upgrading, they have achieved many achievements in innovation and green development, formed many good experiences and practices, and set an example of innovation.

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