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Chesir Vision:the secret of perfect makeup


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The most beautiful scenery in a city

Maybe in the eyes, maybe in the eyebrows, maybe in a casual glance

Impeccable, so perfect

Only excellent materials

can create such an outstanding product

Chesir’s synthetic mica

used in high-end cosmetics

Chesir’s?synthetic mica has the advantages of high whiteness, high temperature resistance, excellent insulation performance, and it does not contain?heavy metals and radioactive substances.It is especially suitable for cosmetics and is a high-quality base material for pearlescent pigments.After years of research and development, Chesir has fundamentally solved the defects of hard and brittle of synthetic mica, and developed synthetic mica powder with a high diameter-to-thickness ratio. The fine-particle interference color pearlescent pigment produced by this method has high chroma and pure.This technology is the first of its kind in China, and it belongs to the international advanced level.




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