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The latest research project of?Chesir?was supported by?the Science and Technology Bureau?of Liuzhou


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A few days ago, the research project “Research on the Function Mechanism of Metal Oxides in Pearlescent Materials” jointly undertaken by Guangxi Chesir Pearl?Materials Co., Ltd. and Guangxi University of Science and Technology was supported by Liuzhou Scientific Research and Technology Development Program.The total investment of the research project is 8.1 million yuan, and the Science and Technology Bureau of Liuzhou provides 700,000 yuan for science and technology.

The overall goal of the subject research is?aiming at the technical researech on the requirements of the metal oxide coating of the pearlescent material, it breaks through the current technical bottlenecks such as single coating, uneven particle size distribution of the coating, less color, and low calcination temperature.

This topic can overcome the problem of pearlescent materials in the high-end field, and open up a new look for the application of pearlescent materials in the high-end field——

Fully master the technology of using metal oxide to wrap mica flakes,and promote these applications in industrial production.At the same time, it is required that all newly developed products must pass the trial of customers and eventually meet the requirements of high-grade pearlescent materials.It means that this research will completely reverse the current situation that domestic pearlescent materials can only be used in the low-end market.

Not only that, the comprehensive advancement of the subject will also simultaneously cultivate a high-level talent team.It is expected that many scientific research papers will be published in the future, forming 3-4 new processes and applying for 2 invention patents.




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