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The Chairman of the Autonomous Region Chen Wu went into Chesir?to investigate its development


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On the morning of December 8, Chen Wu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and chairman of the Autonomous Region, went into Guangxi Chesir Pearl?Material Co., Ltd. to gain a deeper understanding of the development and operation of Chesir.

At?Chesir’s?product application exhibition hall, Chairman Chen listened to the report of Chairman Su and learned in detail about the characteristics, application fields, market space of pearlescent materials and synthetic mica?and current business situation.Chairman Chen Wu gave high praise when he learned that Chesir has been listed as an autonomous regional technology center, with a team of first-class technical talents such as professors and doctors.And with the core patented technology, the products were exported to developed countries in Europe and America.He praised that Chesir has a high technical content as a leading enterprise in the industry.He pointed out that the government is to vigorously support companies such as Chesir that have core technology, continuous innovation, and global strategic vision.

Then?Chairman Chen?went to the workshop to inspect.In the hydrolysis workshop, Chairman Su introduced the production process of pearlescent materials to Chairman Chen, focusing on how to coat and color pearlescent materials, how to control the process, how to carry out quality inspection and production capacity, etc.

Before leaving, Chairman Chen said that Chesir should be based in Guangxi, radiate the country, and lead the world, and strive to become the world’s leading pearlescent material company and win glory for Guangxi.


In the afternoon of the same day, Chairman Chen hosted a symposium to listen to the opinions and suggestions of all parties on economic work and county economic work next year.Su Ertian, chairman of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd., spoke as an enterprise representative.

Chairman Chen pointed out that under the pressure of economic downturn, all parties are full of confidence in maintaining a high growth rate next year, and county economic development has made significant progress.Chesir ?is one of the highlights seen during the survey in Luzhai.Government departments should vigorously support Chesir, promote the investment of Chesir’s projects, play an escort role, and promote the faster and better development of Chesir.


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