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The research team of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce conducts on-the-spot investigations on the model of independent innovation, upgrading and transformation of private enterprises


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On the morning of March 3, the spring was bright, and a research team composed of Ye Junmao, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce, Sun Hao, an investigator of the Law Department of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry, and Hong Qingsong, Deputy Minister of the Liaison Department of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, made a special trip from Nanning to Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. conducted a field visit to Chesir, a typical private enterprise with independent innovation and transformation, to understand and help enterprises solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development process.

“First of all, I conveyed the instructions of the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Secretary Peng, in his” Report on Typical Cases of Independent Innovation, Upgrading and Transformation of Private Entities in Guangxi “, requesting the relevant departments of the autonomous region to publicize and promote private enterprises that have achieved transformation and upgrading through independent innovation Encouragement, the relevant departments should take the initiative to help solve the problems encountered in the development of the enterprise, and support the enterprise to become bigger and stronger. “Vice Chairman Ye Junmao conveyed the leadership’s care at the symposium, hoping that Chesir will seize the opportunity and accelerate development.

In the product application exhibition hall, Mr. Su Ertian introduced Chesir artificial patented mica, characteristics of pearlescent materials, product application fields and current international competition situation to the leaders. In order to better feel the characteristics of the product, Mr. Ye Junmao also applied the pearl powder on the back of the hand with great interest, feeling the different luster emitted by the pearl powder under the refraction of different light.

Afterwards, the team visited the hydrolysis workshop, calcination workshop and pearlescent laboratory to understand the overall production process of pearlescent materials. In the pearlescent laboratory, the team communicated with the company’s R & D personnel. Through the comparison of pearlescent color cards, they better understood the special properties of pearl materials.

After on-site inspections at Chesir Business School, Party Building Garden, Staffs’ Home, etc., the team gave affirmation to Chesir corporate culture.

At the symposium, Mr. Su reported to the team on Chesir’s current development status and problems encountered. Mr. Ye Junmao affirmed Chesir’s innovative development approach, and pointed out that Chesir has the competitive advantages of patented technology and R & D talent team. It should grasp the historical opportunities, continuously upgrade and innovate technology, boldly develop the market, and do not live up to the leadership’s care and expectations. .


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