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Liu Jun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Autonomous Region, investigates Chesir


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On the afternoon of March 7, Liu Jun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Autonomous Region, and his party visited Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. to investigate the development of the enterprise. Chen Hong, Chairman of Liuzhou Municipal CPPCC, Luo Ming, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou CPPCC, Yuan Ziqiang, Chairman of Luzhai County Political Consultative Conference, and Ma Yaozhou, Executive Vice Mayor of Luzhai County, accompanied the investigation. Chesir Chairman Su?Ertian, Vice Chairman and General Manager Zheng Shizhan, Executive Vice General Manager and Party Branch Secretary Zhou Fangchao welcomed warmly.

Synthetic synthetic mica, glittering pearlescent powder, pearlescent eye-catching various application products … In the company’s product exhibition hall, Mr. Liu Jun learned in detail about the manufacturing technology, application fields and the past few years The company’s R & D and innovation status highly praised Chesir’s innovative practices and experience. Focusing on the overall strategy of national industrial transformation and upgrading, Chesir has continuously improved its R & D innovation and internal operation management capabilities. Through independent innovation, it has formed its own core technology, developed a series of new products with broad application prospects and meeting market requirements, and obtained the market Good feedback.

In the process of accompanying the investigation, Mr. Su Ertian reported on behalf of the company in detail the Chesir’s entrepreneurial and innovative history over the past few years, as well as the achievements of the company’s development and the strategic planning for future enterprise development.

Mr. Liu Jun said that leaders of the Party Committee of the autonomous region Peng Qinghua and the chairman of the autonomous region Chen Wu are highly concerned about the growth of entrepreneurial and innovative private enterprises like Chesir. The difficulties encountered in the process support and promote the establishment of a number of strategic emerging industry benchmarking enterprises.

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