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Zhan Guifeng, Managing Director of China Merchants Securities Investment Bank Headquarter, visited Chesir to guide?the work


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On the morning of March 8, Zhan Guifeng, the general manager of China Merchants Securities Investment Bank headquarters, accompanied by Bai Xiaoyan, general manager of Liuzhou Sales Department of China Merchants Securities, inspected Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. From the perspective of investment development, it provides forward-looking suggestions and guidance on the company’s future development direction.

The headquarters of China Merchants Securities Investment Bank is a domestic first-class listed intermediary company, with more than 100 sponsor representatives, responsible for the IPO business of many large listed companies such as SF Holdings and Fuyao Glass, and has very rich IPO experience.

?Chesir Chairman Su Ertian, Vice Chairman and General Manager Zheng Shizhan, Executive Vice General Manager Zhou Fangchao attached great importance to this visit and introduced the current development of Chesir and future development plans to President Zhan. Mr. Zhan said that Chesir has outstanding core technology advantages, huge market development space, good production technology stability, rapid performance growth, and standardized enterprise management. It has good potential for GEM listing. He is very optimistic about Chesir’s future development, and looks forward to future cooperation and win-win, creating a new world.


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