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Chesir was recognized as the key laboratory of pearlescent materials


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In order to implement the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Liuzhou City’s Scientific and Technological Development”, promote the construction and development of key laboratories in Liuzhou City, improve the innovation system, enhance independent innovation capabilities, and better provide scientific and technological support for economic and social development. Strictly audited, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. was selected as the third batch of Liuzhou Key Laboratory List and was approved as “Liuzhou Pearl Material Key Laboratory”.

The key laboratory is an important part of the national regional scientific and technological innovation system. It is an important base for Liuzhou to organize higher-level basic research, applied basic research and pre-competitive common technical research, gather and train outstanding scientific and technological talents, and carry out high-level academic exchanges at home and abroad. .

At present, there is still a large gap in the research of pearl materials in China. Relying on the “Key Laboratory of Pearl Materials”, Chesir conducts basic research on the application of pearlescent materials and common technical research before competition according to the market and the future development needs of the industry, researches and formulates international, national and industry standards for pearlescent materials, gathers and cultivates excellent Professional talents lead and drive the technological progress of the pearlescent materials industry.

Chesir was identified as “Liuzhou City Pearl Materials Key Laboratory”, which greatly accelerated the company’s pace of building a scientific and technological innovation system, further improved its independent innovation capabilities, and laid a solid foundation for filling the gaps in industry research and leading the progress of the pearl materials industry.


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