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Vice Mayor of Liuzhou City, An Wei led the scientific and technological investigation team Chesir to investigate


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On May 12, Anwei, Deputy Mayor of Liuzhou City, and Guan Weirong, Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, accompanied by the head of Luzhai County, Kuangkui and Deputy County Governor Cheng Zhao, visited Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co.,?Ltd.

The leader of the inspection team went to the synthetic mica workshop, pearlescent calcination workshop, pearlescent laboratory, etc. to check the production status and understand the difficulties encountered during the development of the enterprise. Chesir’s general manager Zheng Shizhan reported to the team in detail on the development of Chesir lights this year, focusing on the company’s technology research and development and market expansion.

In 2017, in technology research and development, new breakthroughs were made in new technology development and customized products. Chesir actively introduces scientific and technological R & D talents and currently has a strong R & D team in the pearl effect material industry. At the same time, it actively expands the “production, learning and research” development platform with Peking University and Guangxi University of Science and Technology. At present, Chesir possesses a number of industry-leading invention patent technologies. With the efforts of the R & D team, new processes, new technologies, and new applications continue to emerge, opening up new fields of pearl materials and synthetic mica products.

Since the beginning of this year, Chesir has continued to maintain rapid and steady growth through the improvement of a series of operational measures such as “improving quality and reducing costs”, and the performance has been gratifying from the beginning of the year to the present. In terms of market expansion, Chesir has seized the historical opportunity of the country’s “Belt and Road” development strategy, while constantly occupying the domestic market, boldly entering international trade, with customers all over the Middle East, Asia, Northern Europe, and America.

After understanding the development status of Chesir on the spot, Mayor An hoped that Chesir would maintain a passionate work enthusiasm, continue to improve the level of technology research and development, build a talent team, and give Chesir detailed and specific work guidance.

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