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Member of the Standing Committee of Liuzhou Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Liu Ke, and Member of the Municipal Standing Committee Hao Xingguo visited Chesir for investigation and guidance


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On August 16, Liuzhou Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor Liu Ke, and Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Hao Xingguo, accompanied by Kuzhang, the mayor of Luzhai County, came to Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance.?Chesir Chairman Mr. Su?Ertian and General Manager Mr. Zheng Shizhan accompanied the investigation.

Mr. Liu Ke and Mr. Hao Xingguo, learned in detail the production and sales of the company’s synthetic mica and pearl materials; listened to the R & D personnel’s report on the application and development of pearl material products in the fields of wallpaper, military industry, high-end cosmetics, and automotive coatings; And carefully asked about the problems that still need to be solved by the government in the current stage of enterprise development. Mr. Su Ertian reported in detail to the city leaders on the company’s overall planning and product development, technological transformation, and international market development in the first half of the year, as well as the company’s capacity improvement and the progress of the second-phase project construction. According to Mr. Su Ertian, Chesir adheres to the “four leading” development strategy and the concept of innovative development. The company has achieved rapid development and has continuously become a new three-board “innovation layer” enterprise. enterprise.

Mr. Liu Ke and Mr. Hao Xingguo were very pleased with the company’s development trend higher than the industry’s average growth rate since the first half of this year, and highly recognized the global development strategy and layout of Chesir. Mr. Liu Ke and Mr. Hao Xingguo said that under the current situation, there are not many companies like Chesir that maintain high-speed growth, and the application prospect of pearl materials is broad, with huge growth potential. They demanded that all government departments implement innovation and development policies, develop and strengthen the Liuzhou pearl material industry, support Chesir to solve problems encountered in development, increase support for enterprise technological innovation and project construction, and actively do a good job in service work for enterprises Continue to maintain rapid growth momentum and achieve the goal of becoming a world-famous pearl material company at an early date.


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