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Technological innovation promotes the rapid development of Chesir


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On August 18, the Secretary of the Guangxi Science and Technology Association Party Committee and Vice Chairman Na Xiang led the investigation team of the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Association to visit Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. accompanied by the Chairman of the Liuzhou Science and Technology Association Zheng Xiaohong, the Secretary of the Luzhai County Party Committee Liu Shengyou, and the Luzhai County Mayor Kuang drive The company carried out scientific research. Chesir Chairman Su?Ertian and Executive Vice?General Manager Zhou Fangchao accompanied the investigation.

Secretary Na Xiang learned in detail about the company’s technological innovation and business development. He particularly inquired about the pearl materials R & D process and application fields, including the company’s introduction and cultivation of technical talents, and the transformation of technological achievements. He highly praised Chesir’s adherence to the road of independent technological innovation and development. Mr. Su Ertian said, Chesir has always adhered to “technology leadership” as the company’s development strategy. Over the past few years, it has invested heavily in scientific and technological research and development, actively introduced scientific and technological research and development talents, and transformed from “imitation innovation” to “independent innovation”. Successfully entered the high-end market, has become a national high-tech enterprise, built into an autonomous region-level enterprise technology center, and has embarked on its own road of technological innovation and development.

Mr. Zhou Fangchao reported to Secretary Na Xiang that Chesir has established a largest R & D team in the domestic industry led by Professor Fu Jiansheng and Yang Lunquan. He has also established an overseas R & D center in France. R & D of new products. We have invested heavily to build a modern R & D building, which is constructed according to the standards of a national enterprise technology center, and will soon be put into use, striving to become the most advanced technology center in the industry. In addition, we have established a post-doctoral research station with Peking University, and established close industrial-university-research cooperation relations with universities and research institutes such as Guangxi University and Guangxi Academy of Sciences. We have achieved good results in product collaborative development, scientific and technological achievement transformation, and technological breakthroughs. In the two years since the company was put into production, we have continuously increased R & D investment in technology, and the R & D results have been quickly transformed into productivity. Now we have successfully developed more than 300 products covering various models of high-end, low-end series, and have more than ten invention patents and dozens The core secret technology, the product was awarded “Guangxi Famous Brand Product”.

After listening to the report, Secretary Na Xiang highly appreciated Chessir’s vigorous investment in scientific research and development and the results achieved in the past few years. He highly affirmed Chesir “based on Guangxi, radiating the whole country, and facing the world”. Make greater contributions to the development of Guangxi’s new materials industry and scientific and technological undertakings.

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