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Chesir’s safety production standardization level 2 standard creation work officially launched


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In order to implement the requirements of the “Notice of Liuzhou Safety Production Committee on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of Liuzhou Safety Production General Inspection”, to further standardize enterprise safety management and improve the company’s safety production management level, Chesir took active actions and decided to carry out “safety production standardization secondary enterprises “Achieve the creation of standards. On August 29th, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. safety production standardization level two standard creation work start-up meeting was grandly held in the company’s conference room. Zhou Zhibin, Vice Director of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, Wen Yongquan, Section Chief of the Second Section of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, Cheng Hongjun, Deputy Chief of the Municipal Safety Supervision Law Enforcement Detachment, Pan Chengfei, Director of the County Safety Supervision Bureau , Chairman and General Manager of Chesir Su Etian and Vice Chairman Zheng Shizhan attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Su Ertian announced that the creation of Chesir’s safety production standardization level 2 standard was officially launched. The person in charge of the company’s safety and environmental protection department and workshop management representatives came to the stage to make statements on resolutely promoting the creation of standards. Zhou Zhibin, deputy director of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, Pan Chengfei, director of the county safety supervision bureau expressed their high recognition for Chesir’s earnest implementation of the measures of a series of instructions on strengthening production safety at all levels of government, and clarified the significance of safety production standardization Implement corporate responsibility, standardize safety production, strengthen long-term mechanism, and effectively prevent accident risks, and finally achieve standardized, safe, and legal safety management standards.

Chesir set up a “safety production standardization” work leading group with MR. Su Ertian as the team leader, clearing the responsibilities of the two construction working groups, and established the establishment of compliance Working Mechanism. Through a series of measures such as comprehensive investigation of hidden safety hazards, strengthening of personnel training, and establishment of safety management accounts, we continue to improve all aspects of safety production, establish a long-term safety production mechanism, further deepen safety management, and help reduce costs and increase efficiency. In order to ensure the smooth progress of this work, the company also hired experts from Liuzhou Essential Enterprise Safety Consulting Co., Ltd. to set up a consulting expert group to guide the company’s compliance creation throughout the process.

Mr. Su Ertian said that it is necessary to do a good job in achieving the standard creation. First, unify thinking, raise awareness, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency to do a good job in production safety standardization; second, correctly understand and grasp the meaning and significance of safety production standardization, and enhance The consciousness, initiative and creativity of the work; the third is to earnestly implement the series of requirements for the standardization of safety production, and must achieve practical results. He emphasized that upgrading Chesir’s safety production standardization from level 3 to level 2 is bound to be a qualitative leap. All departments must always maintain safety vigilance, actively cooperate, take the initiative to act, combine theory and practice, and implement safety production, Truly achieve safe production and production safety.

The successful convening of the start-up meeting marked the full-scale development of Chesir’s safety production standardization level 2 compliance. In the next step, the company will actively carry out publicity and training work in accordance with the plan and formulating standards, comprehensively investigate hidden safety hazards and make rectifications, strengthen process supervision and control and performance evaluation, and make every effort to ensure the smooth progress of the establishment of compliance.

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