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Go ahead and work hard to build a more powerful Chesir-Chesir 2017 Staff Conference is grandly held


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On August 30, Chesir’s 2017?staff conference and the handover ceremony of the first and second leadership teams of Chesir were grandly held in the company conference room. All Chesir staff participated in this conference.

According to the provisions of the “Company Law”, the first term of the company’s board of directors, board of supervisors and senior management personnel expired at the end of this month. According to the decision of the company’s general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors, the company conducted a general election of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel at the end of this month. At the staff meeting, the secretary of the board of director Lu Lingzhi announced the “Announcement on the Election and Changes of the Directors, Supervisors and Senior Management of the Company” on behalf of the company’s board of directors. In his post, Zheng Shizhan served as vice chairman of the company, Jin Zengqin and Zhou Fangchao served as Vice general managers, Dong Wenta served as financial controller, and Lu Lingzhi served as secretary of the board of directors.

The company’s first vice chairman and general manager Zheng Shizhan reviewed Chesir’s achievements under the leadership of the first leadership team in the past three years, and placed high hopes on the new leadership team. He said: In the past three years, the company’s operation and management team has performed its duties according to the company’s board of directors, and has made a series of major decisions for the company’s development around the company’s “four leading” development strategies. In a short period of five years, a modern pearl material factory was built, and the first five-year strategic planning goal was successfully completed. I hope that all the Chesir people will give the new leadership team led by Chairman and General Manager of Su Etian the same care and support as always.

Su Ertian, the chairman of the first board of directors and the chairman and general manager of the second board of directors, expressed his deep gratitude to all Chesir staffs. He said: “Since Chesir was founded in 2011, under the leadership of the first leadership team and with the joint efforts of all staffs, the company has planned and constructed in accordance with the development strategy of” leading scale, leading technology, leading management, and leading corporate culture. ” The company has achieved rapid development and initially built a modern pearl material factory. These achievements have pooled the hard work of all staffs and express its most heartfelt thanks to all staffs for their hard work in recent years.

In the speech that followed, Chairman Su Ertian solemnly stated: Although we have achieved some results, we are still fledgling, and we must continue to work hard to build various “leading”. In the next few years, we must first boldly innovate, think scientifically, combine cost, management and innovation to achieve all-round innovation; secondly, strengthen the standardized construction and abide by the company’s various rules and regulations, and innovation can only be achieved based on rules; The third is to attach importance to the construction of corporate culture, deeply implement corporate culture into labor relations, rules and regulations, job promotion, etc. to effectively enhance corporate cohesion. As the leader of the new company leadership team, he will lead by example, lead the way, and share the pains with his colleagues. All Chesir people, as always, are concerned about and support the work of the new leadership team, uphold the original intention, work hard, jointly raise the Chesir sail, and build a stronger Chesir.

The staffs attending the conference said that the speech of Chairman Su Ertian was very exciting and full of confidence in the future; all the Chesir people will continue to firmly support the work of Chairman Su Ertian and the new leadership And work harder to build a beautiful Chesir home together.


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