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Chen Linjie, Vice President and Inspector of the Party School of the Autonomous Region, visited Chesir for investigation and guidance


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On August 31, the research team leaders such as Chen Linjie, deputy president of the Party School of the Autonomous Region, deputy dean of Guangxi Administration College, Li Bo, director of the Educational Affairs Office, and Zhao Yuzheng, director of the Economics Teaching and Research Department, attended the vice mayor of Liuzhou City, An Cheng, and the deputy vice president of the Party School of the Municipal Committee. Accompanied by Vice President Chen Jinsong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Fang Hua, and Deputy Secretary of the Luzhai County Party Committee Huang Jianqiu, they visited Chesir to investigate the production and operation of the company and the construction of the party organization. Chesir Chairman and General Manager Mr. Su Ertian, Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangchao accompanied the investigation.

Vice President Chen Linjie learned in detail about the development of Chesir in recent years and the construction of party building. Mr. Surtian introduced that since the company was founded six years ago, with the support of party committees and governments at all levels, it has developed rapidly. It has completed the stages of construction, commissioning, and market expansion. It has now entered the track of comprehensive development and has been completed. China’s leading pearl material factory. In the past two years, through the continuous improvement of process equipment and technology, the product structure has been optimized and adjusted to the mid-to-high-end field, quickly surpassing competitors in the industry, and becoming a well-known pearl material company in China. At the same time of the development of production and operation, the Chesir?Party Branch steadily promoted the construction of the party organization. Through strengthening the education and training of party members and staffs, it continued to innovate the work model, combined party building work with corporate culture, and gave full play to the role of party members as a vanguard model. With the rapid development of the enterprise, it has been rated as “Five-star Party Branch” by Liuzhou City.

Vice-Chancellor Chen Linjie fully affirmed the company’s achievements in promoting the company’s business development with the party organization construction, and hoped that Chesir would continue to maintain the model of mutually reinforcing business construction and party construction work, and promote the development of the company to a new level.

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