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Deepening cooperation and achieving a win-win situation——Chesir and Hubei University of Technology sign a school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement


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On September 2nd, Prof. Dong Shijie, Vice President of Hubei University of Technology, Prof. Zhang Yepeng, Director of Science and Technology Division, and leaders and experts from the School of Materials and Chemical Engineering visited Chesir to discuss matters related to school-enterprise cooperation. Chesir Chairman Mr. Zheng Shizhan and the company’s technical experts warmly welcome Mr. Dong and the team. The two sides held comprehensive talks on deepening school-enterprise cooperation, reached a number of in-depth cooperation results, and signed long-term school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreements.

According to the cooperation agreement between Chesir and Hubei University of Technology, cooperation will be carried out in two aspects. The first is to jointly establish a new material research and development center. The company provides scientific research funding support to Hubei University of Technology each year. The research and development center jointly conducts research and development of new pearl materials, new processes, new applications, and new equipment according to the company’s development needs. For materials professionals, the company provides training bases for school students. The school will also select experts and professors to provide training and technical guidance to the company’s technical personnel to help the company solve problems encountered in the development of enterprises and technological progress.

Mr. Dong Shijie and the team successively visited the company’s product application hall and corporate culture hall, and went into the production workshops to inspect the entire process of the company’s pearl material production operations. Mr. Dong Shijie said that Chesir is in the leading position in the industry in terms of scale and technology. The company’s development has shown a good upward momentum. Its development strategy of insisting on independent innovation coincides with the school’s educational philosophy. The school-enterprise cooperation will effectively promote the school’s research and development in the field of pearl materials and new materials. At the same time, the school will also bring strong technical and talent support for the development and improvement of the technology of Chesir.

Hubei University of Technology is a multi-disciplinary university focusing on engineering. It has deep cultural heritage and belongs to a university in Hubei Province. The school is at the international advanced level in the research of pearl materials, has a sound pearlescent material research platform and a professional technical team, and is the earliest university in China to study pearl materials. Over the years, under the leadership of Professor Fu Jiansheng, the school has cultivated many high-tech talents for the development of the pearl material industry.

Mr. Su Ertian said that Chesir has always had the tradition of school-enterprise cooperation. It has previously established a post-doctoral research station with Peking University, and cooperated with Guangxi University, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, and Guangxi Academy of Sciences. Good results have been achieved in promoting the company’s scientific research development and personnel training. The deep cooperation with Hubei University of Technology this time, with the help of Hubei University of Technology’s strong scientific research team and advanced equipment, will further strengthen the company’s scientific research strength, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, promote the cultivation and storage of outstanding talents, and research and development for the company The advancement of the project brings great convenience. In the future, through the mutual complementarity of the two sides, continuous learning, communication and promotion, we will certainly achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.

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