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Culture and sports are all there, Wei Hongge, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions praises the home of Chesir staffs


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On November 15, Wei Hongge, vice chairman of the Liuzhou Federation of Trade Unions, led a team to visit Chesir to inspect the construction of the “model worker’s home” in Liuzhou enterprises. During the period, Lu Lingzhi, secretary of the board of directors of Chesir, and Yin Fuwen, chairman of Chesir labor union , accompanied the investigation and inspected the service facilities provided by the company for staffs’ study breaks.

Work and rest must combine ?Chesir worker culture?Serious and?active

Complete learning and leisure facilities are the standard of modern outstanding enterprises. How to build a relaxed and comfortable charging and resting environment for employees outside of the intense and serious work is the direction that Chesir enterprise union has been working hard.

Mr. Yin Fuwen introduced that in order to give corporate staffs a warm home, Chesir has always attached great importance to the construction of staff home, and closely integrated the construction of staffs home with the construction of corporate culture. There are special reading rooms, gyms, movie screening rooms and other activity places in the staff’s home, and many healthy and beneficial cultural entertainment and physical exercise activities have been carried out, which has fully enhanced the sense of belonging of the employees and better promoted Company development.

Ms. Wei Hongge listened to the report of Chesir’s home-building work, checked the basic work information, and inspected the company exhibition hall, party building garden, stuffs home and other places on the spot, and gave a high evaluation of the company’s high-standard and strict job construction.


Solve your worries and troubles with labor union

Since the establishment of ?Chesir labor union, the meticulous care given to staffs has made everyone feel the warmth of the home. In the hearts of staffs, the labor union is their own friendly and reliable family.

In order to better serve staffs and promote the development of the company, the labor union actively explores new ideas and methods of work, continues to implement democratic management, deepens the openness of factory affairs, strengthens staff training, provides benefits to employees, and launches aid activities. In various forms, the role of unions in giving full play to the role of assistance has been effectively mobilized, mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, enhancing corporate cohesion and combat effectiveness, thereby promoting the company’s economic development.


Ms. Wei Hongge?praised the staff home, Promote the role model

After a field visit, Ms. Wei Hongge highly appreciated the rich corporate culture atmosphere of Chesir, and she pointed out that the construction of staff homes for Chesir has reached a very high level, and it is one of the best among non-public enterprises in the city. Enterprises like this must be launched vigorously to set an example for non-public enterprises. At the same time, she also encouraged Chesir to continue to improve the construction of staff homes, and after the successful establishment of municipal model staff home, she sought to apply for district-level model staff home as soon as possible.


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