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Chesir’s chairman Su Ertian attends the Third Meeting of the Fourteenth People’s Congress of Liuzhou


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From January 14th to 17th, the third meeting of the Fourteenth People’s Congress of Liuzhou was grandly held in the auditorium of Wenchang Convention Center. The chairman of Guangxi Chesir ?Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd. Su Ertian attended the meeting as the representative of the National People’s Congress, diligently performed his duties and actively discussed government affairs.

At the meeting, Mayor Wu Wei made a “Government Work Report” on behalf of the municipal government, reviewed the work results of 2017, and planned the main goals and tasks of 2018.Chairman Su Ertian said that in 2017, Liuzhou implemented the strategy of“industrial prosperity and opening up strong Liuzhou”and achieved remarkable results in optimizing industrial structure and promoting industrial upgrading, the quality of economic development has steadily improved, especially the continuity of the industrial economy growth has further provided strong support for the city’s economic development.

In view of Liuzhou’s work arrangements in 2018, Chairman Su Ertian believes that the multiple plans proposed in the report are closely related to the development of the real economy of non-public enterprises. Two of them are worthy of attention and will be of great significance to the development of the Chesir pearlescent.

The first is “Improve quality and efficiency and revitalize the real economy, speeding up the construction of a strategic fulcrum industrial engine”.In 2018, the municipal government will further promote the development of real economy enterprises by implementing measures such as industrial quality improvement and efficiency transformation and upgrading projects, vigorously developing strategic emerging industries, accelerating the construction of innovative cities, and implementing the strategy of strengthening the city by talents.The implementation of the policy will provide strong support for the transformation and upgrading of Chesir Pearlescent, scientific and technological innovation, and the building of a talent team, driving the economic growth of enterprises to a new level.

The second is to “optimize the business environment through reform and innovation, and accelerate the construction of open highlands for important portals.”Under the new normal, the deepening of supply-side structural reforms, the vigorous implementation of opening-up strategies, and the innovation and optimization of the business environment will provide a better market environment for the development of the real economy.And a good market environment will effectively stimulate the Chesir Pearlescent innovation momentum and market vitality, accelerate the construction and development of the pearlescent material industry chain, and achieve new breakthroughs in market development.

As an innovation and demonstration enterprise in Liuzhou’s large non-public economic enterprise team, thanks to the government’s many policies for supporting and guiding non-public economic enterprises, Chesir has been operating steadily and pioneering and innovative in the past year, constantly optimizing product quality , accelerate scale construction, deepen global market, and make breakthroughs in all aspects.

Looking forward to the future, Chesir Pearlescent will continue to keep up with the pace of government service to the development of the real economy, continue to make efforts in the field of pearl materials, and promote innovation to create a larger and higher-level modern pearl material industry park.At the same time, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, strengthen international cooperation, accelerate transformation and upgrading, give full play to the advantages of resources such as scale, technology, market, and talents, promote the development of high and good enterprises, and make due contributions to the economic construction of Liuzhou.


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