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Wei Xiaolan, the supervisor of the Chesir Pearlescent quality inspection, attended the first meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of the autonomous region


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From January 25 to 31, the first meeting of the Thirteenth People’s Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was held in Nanning.Wei Xiaolan, director of quality inspection of Guangxi Chesir Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd., is honored to attend the meeting as a representative of the 13th National People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, perform the sacred duties given by the Constitution and the law, and listen to and review government work reports.

In the “2018 Government Work Report”, Liuzhou has been mentioned many times as a famous industrial city in Guangxi. Among them, the “Main Work Construction in 2018” section puts forward a number of points concerning Liuzhou’s reform and development.In the next few years, Liuzhou will accelerate the pace of development, increase its efforts in industrial upgrading, transportation facilities, foreign trade, ecological environment, etc., promote the construction of key livelihood projects, and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises.

As a grass-roots representative, while paying attention to the development of the company, Wei Xiaolan also collected public opinions through interviews and surveys, and made two suggestions to the conference:First, she hope that the government will further increase the attention and support for the pearlescent material industry, so that the pearlescent material industry will continue to become stronger and larger, and become an advantageous and characteristic industry in Guangxi;Second, it is hoped that the government will further standardize and strengthen the supervision of property services, promote the construction of happy communities, guarantee the residents to live and work in peace, and improve the quality of life and happiness of residents.

Wei Xiaolan said that she was honored and proud to participate in the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region as a representative of the People’s Congress.The report made by Chairman Chen Wu at the meeting painted a blueprint for the development of Guangxi in the new era. And believe that under the correct leadership of the district government, Guangxi will create a new situation in reform and development.After listening to the report, she was greatly encouraged while feeling great responsibility. She will redouble her efforts in the future and earnestly fulfill the duties of corporate representatives and employee representatives.


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