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Start work|CHESIR of glory in the flourishing age, bright pearls in spring


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On February 23, the eighth day of the first lunar month of the lunar calendar, with the joy of the new year and full of confidence, Chesir Pearlescent began with a new look

Be motivated and start working

On the first day of work in the new year, the factory was particularly happy under the sun, and everyone’s face was filled with happiness.All Chesir’s people gathered at the gate of the factory site and held a grand and short start-up celebration ceremony.Zheng Shizhan, the vice chairman of the board of directors, represented the chairman of the company and the company’s leadership team to send a blessing to all employees.,seize new opportunities,meet new challenges, speed up new development, and create new achievements of Chesir Pearlescent!

Then, the opening year of the new year was sounded in the sound of festive firecrackers. The employees’ faces were filled with strong smiles, and they looked forward to the new year with enthusiasm and went to their respective jobs.

Gift red envelope?cheerfully

On the first day of construction, the happiest link is still “paying benefits, sending blessings.” After the ceremony, the company’s leadership team personally came to every production workshop and department for the Spring Festival sympathy, distributed the year-round benefits to the Chesir family members, and encouraged everyone to carry out the department work and make new contributions to the company’s development.

The festive atmosphere of the New Year’s continues to heat up. One by one, the red and right dispatches are like the issuing of new instructions. Everyone is enthusiastic and devoted to work, setting off a new ambience of Chesir and new passion for 2018.


At this moment, my generation should strengthen ourselves.

In 2017, we achieved growth in the face of adversity

Vientiane Updatein?2018

Let us fight together and progress together

Bloom together, glory together.

Industrious Chesir’s?Man

Full of new Longing, new hope

Start a new journey

Oath will fight for a better tomorrow for the company!


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