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United Front Advantages of Liuzhou Promote Non-Public Enterprise Innovation and Development


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On March 9, Xiang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of United Front, brought together a delegation of more than 30 United Front cadres of the city’s counties and districts,accompanied by Liu Shengyou, secretary of Luzhai County Party Committee, Zhong Guangxin, deputy head of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Li Yufen, deputy head of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Federation, and Zhu Yanwen, head of the United Front Work Department of Luzhai County Party Committee, came to Guangxi Chesir Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd.?For research and guidance.

Increasingly better innovation and development environment promotes the rapid development of enterprises

As an innovation and demonstration enterprise in Liuzhou, the party committees and government departments at all levels have given great support to the Chesir Pearlescent implemented various measures to serve and support non-public enterprises, and created a good development environment of “innovation, pioneering, and excellence” for non-public enterprises.At present, Chesir Pearlescent has been listed as a key supporting enterprise for strategic emerging industries in Guangxi and Liuzhou City and a key supporting enterprise for Guangxi’s “Made in China 2025 Plan.”

In terms of scientific and technological research and development, the company has received funding support from the autonomous region, Liuzhou City, Luzhai County and other special funds for technological transformation and special funds for the development of strategic emerging industries, which has effectively promoted the company’s scientific and technological research and development.

In terms of talent development, party committees and governments at all levels not only provided subsidies to senior talents of the company, but also invited company technical experts to have a number of meetings and personally visited the company. The company’s talents fully felt the government’s concern and support, effectively enhancing their sense of belonging to develop in Luzhai.

In terms of social security and electricity charges, the company fully enjoyed various preferential policies issued by the government, and the social insurance rate and electricity price were adjusted accordingly.


Establish “pro” and “clear” government-business relations to promote the healthy development of enterprises

In recent years, the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee has innovated the “pro” and “clear” government-business relationship mechanism, firmly grasped the “two health” work theme, and proactively contributed to the healthy development of non-public enterprises.Give play to the policy advantages of promoting the development of non-public economy by promoting the resolution of outstanding issues in policy implementation;Extensive organization of targeted training and exchange activities such as technical training and business exchanges to stimulate the enthusiasm of non-public enterprises for innovation and development;Continue to strengthen business guidance services for “two health” jobs in non-public enterprises, guide the continuous development and growth of enterprises, and effectively promote the healthy and rapid development of local economies.

Zhou Fangchao, deputy general manager, said that the “pro”, “clear” new type of government-business relations that the Municipal United Front Work Department is focusing on creating a good “soft environment” for economic development for non-public enterprises, Let the?Chesir?Pearlescent innovation develop with less interference and more motivation.Party committees and governments at all levels have not only set up many development platforms for the company, conducted in-depth company site investigations, conducted various forms of discussions and trainings to help the company solve development problems, but also helped the company to connect with national policies through various channels,Smooth the channel for the application of special support funds for the company, and effectively protect the healthy development of non-public enterprises.

Minister Xiang Jun said that for many years, Chesir Pearlescent has positioned itself with a far-sighted strategic vision, with innovation-driven as a precise force, and the company’s development has always been at a high speed.The outstanding contribution to Liuzhou’s economic development is worthy of recognition.In the future, the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the City Federation of Industry and Commerce will play a role of bridge and bridge, guide the development of non-public enterprises around the advantages of the United Front, give full support to enterprises such as Chesir Pearlescent, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.At the same time, he also hope that Chesir Pearelscent will continue to play an exemplary role in the non-public economy, further enlarge and strengthen the superior, and help Liuzhou’s economic and social development faster and better.


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