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Good news! Chesir Pearlescent Trade Union won many honors from the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions


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A few days ago, the Liuzhou Federation of Trade Unions issued a notice granting the honorary title of “Liuzhou Model Workers’ Home Demonstration Unit” to the trade union of Guangxi Chesir Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd.,awarding the honorary title of “Liuzhou Advanced Model Innovation Studio”to Yang Lunquan model workers (technical talents),awarding the honorary title of “Liuzhou Worker Pioneer” in the pilot group of the Ministry of Technology and Engineering,at the same time, Yin Fuwen, chairman of the Chesir Pearlescent Trade Union, was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Trade Union Worker in Liuzhou City”!


Combining work and rest to create a warm home for employees

For many years, the company’s labor union has always innovated work and development with new positioning, new requirements, and new ideas. It has closely integrated the construction of employee homes with the construction of corporate culture, continued to promote the development of family building activities, and is committed to creating a warm home?for employees.By creating a modern staff activity center that integrates reading rooms, gyms, movie screening rooms and other event venues, a series of cultural, entertainment and physical exercise activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health have fully enhanced employees’ sense of corporate belonging and effectively promoted the the healthy and stable development of enterprise.


Continuous innovation, creating “model labor innovation studio”

In order to cultivate the sense of teamwork and innovation of employees, to encourage and guide more employees to actively participate in technological innovation work,the company’s labor union solidly carried out the establishment of the “model labor innovation studio”,established “Yang Lunquan?Model Worker (Technical Talent) Innovation Studio”.Since the establishment of the studio for one year, it has successfully completed a number of innovations in pearlescent materials and synthetic mica.While achieving remarkable work performance, it has also driven and fostered the rapid success of the company’s employees, and promoted the training of corporate personnel to achieve new results.It played a significant role in the company’s sustainable development and improvement of core competitiveness, and provided a solid technical reserve and foundation.


Work together to create the “Worker Pioneer”

Focusing on the core idea of “having first-class quality, creating first-class work, providing first-class service, achieving first-class performance, and forming a first-class team”,The company’s labor union actively organized the workshops and teams to carry out the “striving for excellence, being a pioneer” activity, and guiding the majority of employees to take a position to contribute, improve quality and efficiency to be a pioneer.

During the event, an excellent team united, courageous and pioneering, with excellent technology taking the pilot group of the Technical Engineering Department as an example was emerged.

give full play to the role of the main force of the working class, effectively promote the spirit of craftsmen, and make outstanding contributions to the rapid development and growth of the company.


This award is a full affirmation and encouragement of the unremitting efforts and achievements of the Chesir Pearlescent Trade Union over the past few years.In recent years, under the leadership of the higher-level trade unions, the Chesir Pearlescent Trade Union has closely focused on the development goals of the enterprise and earnestly performed the functions of the trade unions.Give full play to the role of trade unions in supporting and assisting, and have achieved good results in promoting democratic management of enterprises, employee quality engineering, corporate culture construction, and family building activities, practically serve employees.In the future, the company’s trade unions will continue to implement effective measures such as the continuous implementation of democratic management, deepening of the open work of factory affairs, active innovation and maintenance of employees’ rights and interests, and strengthening of their own construction,Constantly innovate work channels, consolidate the foundation of the union organization to serve employees, expand the appeal and influence of union work, encourage employees to compete for value based on their positions, and make new contributions to the company’s economic development.

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