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Lu Shizhai County Party Committee Secretary He Shiqia?visited Chesir?Pearlescent


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On the morning of June 5th, the newly appointed Luzhai County Party Committee Secretary He Shiqia accompanied by Huang Jianqiu, the deputy secretary of Luzhai County Party Committee,?County Party Committee Standing Committee, County Party Committee Office Zhang Jianhua, County People’s Congress Deputy Director Mo Zhaojian,Deputy County Mayor Cheng Zhao and Director of Economic Development Zone Management Committee Wu Dongning and other leaders, came to the investigation and guidance of Chesir?Pearlescent.Chairman and General Manager of Chesir Pearlescent Mr. Surtian and other leaders accompanied the visit.

Secretary He Shiqia and his party visited the Chesir pearlescent product application exhibition hall and corporate culture exhibition hall to learn more about the business development;go deep into the pearlescent material production line in the factory floor to see the production process and application of intelligent technology.

Chairman Su Ertian made a comprehensive report to Secretary He Shiqia on the construction, production and operation and future planning of Chesir?Pearlescent.With the strong support and care of the county party committee and county government, Chesir Pearlescent,as a leading company in the domestic pearlescent material industry, always regards innovation as its corporate development strategy,development layout from the five core elements of scale construction, technology research and development, talent team, capital market, and international market,introduce high-quality development strategy, continuously improve production efficiency and management efficiency, cultivate new advantages in market competition, and continue to increase the popularity and reputation of Chesir Pearlescent brand in the international market, so as to achieve sustainable and healthy development.Since the beginning of this year, Chesir’s operating performance has maintained a rapid growth momentum. The sales revenue and profit in the first quarter have achieved rapid growth compared with the same period last year. It is expected that the operating income for the year will reach a new high.

Secretary He Shiqia highly affirmed the achievements of the Chesir’s ?enterprise development.He emphasized that Chesir is an innovation model enterprise in Luzhai County, and it is necessary to continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation support in the future,Create greater demonstration effects in technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and lead and drive high-quality development of the county’s enterprises.At the same time, we must pay attention to brand building, continuously improve brand influence, improve market competitiveness, and accelerate the global strategic layout.

Secretary He Shiqia said that the county party committee and county government are currently vigorously optimizing the construction of the business environment, paying close attention to financing innovation, and creating a good development environment for the county’s enterprises.In the next step, the county party committee and county government will strengthen their support for the innovation and development of enterprises, timely and effectively help enterprises solve various difficulties encountered in the development process, and make every effort to create a good ecological environment for enterprise development.He hoped that Chesir Pearlescent could always be committed to innovation and development, continue to be bigger, stronger and better, add luster to Luzhai County, and continue to become a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.


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