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In high temperature weather, safety production does not relax


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Since entering June, with the weather and temperature rising, the company’s security department?in addition to completing the daily work in a timely manner,according to the actual production situation of each production workshop, the daily routine inspection of production and the investigation of hidden dangers of production accidents have been strengthened,issued hidden danger rectification orders in time, and tracked key hidden danger rectifications,actively cooperated with relevant workshops to formulate corresponding preventive measures for the safety and environmental department that could not rectify in a timely manner, maintained a good safety production situation, and achieved continuous safe production without responsibility and safe production accidents in 2018.

Since entering the high-temperature weather in June, the company’s security and environmental protection department has carried out banners, arranged publicity display boards, distributed learning promotional materials, held training sessions, safety inspections, fire emergency plan drills, and watched a series of educational films?on the theme of “Monthly Life Safety Development”and other measures,greatly increased the atmosphere of the company’s safe production, and improved the employees’ safety awareness and prevention skills.

Zhou Fangchao, deputy general manager of the company, emphasized at the second quarter security work meeting,in the face of high-temperature weather, all departments must do a good job in production safety in accordance with the company’s requirements to ensure the completion of the company’s production goals.The first is to continuously improve employees’ awareness of safety operations; the second is that safety supervision departments and managers at all levels must adhere to safety inspections and not relax.The third is to do a good job of daily maintenance of key equipment and fire protection facilities to ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition. The fourth is to do a good job of “four defenses in summer”.In the third quarter, the temperature is hot and accidents are frequent. Each production workshop and the competent department of machinery and electronics should strengthen the special hidden danger investigation of the production plant, electrical equipment, drainage ditch, etc. in according to the actual production situation of each workshop.If any problems are found, report them in time


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