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Autonomous region factory public survey and inspection team visited Chesir?Pearlescent ?to conduct survey on democratic management


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On the afternoon of July 24th, the autonomous region’s factory affairs open investigation and inspection team composed of Gong Xueqing, deputy inspector of the SASAC,Lin Kai, Deputy Investigator of the Public Works Group Office,?Liu Wenwei, Deputy Minister of Grassroots Work Department of the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions?and other leaders,accompanied by leaders such as Wei Hongge, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou Federation of Trade Unions,Rao Dongsheng, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Luzhai County People’s Congress and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions,Pan Shuwang, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Luzhai County Federation of Trade Unions, came to Chesir Pearlescent to conduct a survey and investigation of democratic management.The leaders of the company, Mr.Su Ertian, deputy general manager Zhou Fangchao, and union chairman Yin Fuwen welcomed the investigation,and reported to the investigation team the company’s factory affairs open and democratic management work and specific implementation.

After the investigation team inspected the company’s open and democratic management of the company’s factory affairs by listening to reports, consulting relevant documents, and conducting field visits, they were very satisfied with the democratic management work of Chesir, and they thought that a private enterprise can attach great importance to democratic management and as a company’s main work, it can focus on, and earnestly achieve, and has achieved significant results. This is a good example!At the same time, it was hoped that the company will continue to strengthen the disclosure of factory affairs in the future, make democratic management work more detailed, and strive to create the “Guangxi Model Workers’?Home”.

In recent years, under the guidance of higher-level labor unions, Guangxi Qise Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd. has paid attention to the disclosure of factory affairs, continuously improved the operation mechanism of open and democratic management of factory affairs, effectively implemented the employees’ right to know, supervise, and recommend, and fully promoted the company’s harmonious development.Due to the outstanding performance of the Chesir Pearlescent, it has been awarded a number of honors by higher-level labor unions,such as :Chesir Pearlescent Trade Union was named “2017 Liuzhou Model Workers’?Home”;The pilot project team of the company’s technical engineering department won the “Liuzhou Worker Pioneer”;Yang Lunquan Labor Model(Technical Talent) Innovation Studio was awarded “Liuzhou Advanced Labor Model Innovation Studio”;Expert Yang Lunquan won the “Guangxi Labor Medal”.

Chairman Su Ertian said that Chesir will further deepen and consolidate the open and democratic management of factory affairs, conscientiously implement the opinions and suggestions put forward by the research team, bring democratic management to a higher level, and give full play to the exemplary leading role of benchmarking enterprises,and make positive contributions to promoting social stability and regional economic prosperity!

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