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Inspector Peng Jianming of the Industry and Information Commission of the Autonomous Region visited Chesir Pearlescent


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On July 26, Peng Jianming, the leader of the Second Supervision Group of the Autonomous Region and the inspector of the Industry and Information Commission of the Autonomous Region, led the Supervision of the State Council of the Autonomous Region?came to Chesir Pearlescent?to review and implement the situation.Liu Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of Liuzhou Municipal Government,?City Commissioner Zhou Junming,Mayor of Luzhai County and other leaders accompanied the investigation.Chairman of Chesir Pearlescent Su Ertian,warmly welcomed the arrival of the inspection team.

Chairman Su Ertian reported to the inspection team on the company’s production and operation in the first half of the year.Since the first half of this year, with the strong support of party committees and governments at all levels, Chesir has overcome the pressure of rising raw material prices.Through technological transformation and product structure upgrade, it continued to maintain a rapid growth trend, and the company’s performance hit a new high year-on-year.

Director Peng Jianming and his team also visited the Chesir ?Pearlescent product application hall and corporate culture hall, and went deep into the company’s synthetic mica workshop to check the production of synthetic mica.He said that synthetic mica, as an important basic new material in the country, has a wide range of uses. It must protect the core technology, strive to make the synthetic mica industry bigger and stronger, and contribute to the new material industry in our region.


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