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Chesir Pearlescent?organized to learn and convey the spirit of the document of the “Implementation Plan of Liuzhou City to Promote High-quality Industrial Development of Modern Manufacturing City”


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Recently, the party committee and government of the autonomous region held a meeting in Liuzhou to promote the high-quality development of Liuzhou’s industry and build a modern manufacturing city,and issued “Implementation Plan of Liuzhou City to Promote High-quality Industrial Development of Modern Manufacturing City (2018-2022)”.Relying on Guangxi Chesir Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd. to focus on the development of cosmetics and automotive weather-resistant pearlescent materials, synthetic mica and other products is clearly one of Liuzhou’s goals and tasks to support the development of advanced manufacturing and modern manufacturing cities.This is another significant opportunity to accelerate the development of the Chesir P earlescent, which is of extraordinary significance.

The news came that the everyone at Chesir Pearlescent?was?extremely excited. Chairman Su?Ertian?immediately convened the management team to convey the spirit of the meeting and organized to study the “Liuzhou Implementation Plan for Promoting High-Quality Industrial Development of Modern Manufacturing City (2018)

As a pearlescent new material company cultivated in Liuzhou, Chesir Pearlescent?has been actively responding to the call of the party committee and government in recent years,vigorously promote the company’s high-quality development, and take “based on Guangxi, radiate China, and lead the world” as the company’s development goals,obtained a series of honorary titles such as “Guangxi Famous Brand Product”, and the company also became the second comprehensive enterprise in the national pearlescent material industry.Therefore, the meeting decided that in accordance with the requirements of “high-quality industrial development” in the autonomous region and Liuzhou, the future development of Chesir Pearlescent will pay more attention to high-quality development. We will actively do the following work:

1.Pay more attention to product innovation and development. Through proactive product structure upgrade and adjustment, strive to quickly enter the high-end field and increase the added value of products.

2.Pay more attention to the stability and improvement of quality. Further improve our on-site management system and control of all aspects of production to ensure that the products produced always meet the quality requirements of customers, and gradually achieve personalized color solutions.

3.Pay more attention to building the company’s brand. Promote our brand in a variety of ways, especially to actively enter the international market and increase brand awareness in the international market.

4.Pay more attention to green, environmental protection and healthy development. At the same time of production, we must ensure that various emissions meet national environmental protection requirements and ensure the physical and mental health of employees.

Chairman Su?Ertian said at the meeting:strives to be the vanguard with an active attitude.All people at Chesir should further raise their awareness, improve their standing, increase their sense of responsibility, urgency, and mission, seize opportunities, deepen reform, and open up innovation,taking the realization of the company’s strategic goals of “leading size, leading technology, and leading management” as the main direction of attack, we will work hard to strengthen quality, reduce costs, and gather talents, focusing on innovation, brand creation, and market expansion.Grasp one by one, do solid work, accelerate the company to follow the path of green development, innovative development and efficient development, and develop and strengthen the pearlescent material industry,in order to build a modern manufacturing city and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the entire region.


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