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Chesir?Pearlescent was awarded top ten raw material quality suppliers for powder coatings in 2018


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On December 2, the 2018 China Coatings Industry Summit was held in Guangzhou.The “Pearlescent Materials for Powder Coatings” participated by the Chesir Pearlescent?was voted by users and selected professionally, and won the honor of “Top Ten Best Suppliers of Powder Coatings in 2018” at the China Coatings Industry Summit.Director and deputy general manager of the company Jin Zengqin?of Chesir Pearlescent?attended the summit and received the award on behalf of the company.

The China Coatings Industry Summit is co-sponsored by Huicong Chemical Network, Huicong Coatings Network, and Buy Chemicals.It is a well-known industry conference in the Chinese coatings industry,it has successfully held fourteen sessions.It is based on the value shaping and improvement of coatings companies, and actively promotes the development of China’s coatings industry.Upstream and downstream of the industry are jointly transforming and upgrading, technological innovation, promoting high-performance industrial coating products, more environmentally friendly and healthy civilian coating products.It uses intelligent manufacturing to arm enterprises, and uses scientific supply chain management to enhance the digital management model of the enterprise, thereby achieving sustainable development of the entire industry’s sourcing, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and risk aversion.

After the meeting, Jin Zengqin said in an interview with HC Network reporters:Chesir Pearlescent can win this award, first of all, the decision-making layer accurately judged the market demand,keenly found that powder coatings are the fastest growing area of all coatings in recent years, and decisively and aggressively invested in the research and development of pearlescent materials for powder coatings.Then there is the close cooperation between the company’s R & D team and sales team, making great efforts for the rapid development of this new product and its market launch.The last thing is to get the support of our customers. If we get this award, it means that the users recognize our product quality and support our company.

In the next step, the company’s research and development team led by Professor Fu Jiansheng will continue to develop more and better new pearlescent materials based on the latest market requirements,strengthen research in the field of application of pearlescent materials, and continue to promote the development of technological innovation in the industry,provide users with a better product experience.The company’s sales department will also strengthen the company’s brand promotion capabilities in professional market segments, quickly introduce the company’s innovative products to the market, and strengthen the brand effect of the seven-color pearl.


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