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Chesir Pearlescent new products debut at the 23rd China International Coatings Show


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On December 4, the 23rd China International Coatings Exhibition was grandly opened in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex.China International Coatings Exhibition is the most important exhibition in the global coatings industry. Exhibitors and industry participants from more than 100 countries and regions participate every year.It is also the most important annual exhibition of the pearlescent material industry, gathering the major manufacturers and users of the global pearlescent material industry.

?Chesir Pearlescent marketing department of this coatings exhibition carefully planned to bring a variety of new products leading the development trend of the industry, including SF powder coating professional series, synthetic mica series, weathering series, cosmetics series, etc.Chesir Pearlescent’s booth (located in Hall 1.2, Booth No. 7: 1.2D01-08) is very high-end,the entire team welcomed international guests with a warm and full attitude.Let’s take a look at the popular products exhibited by Chesir ?Pearlescent.

SF series pearlescent pigments are pearlescent pigments specially used in the powder coating industry.This series of products are modified on the surface of pearlescent pigments of various substrates to make them have good adaptability in powder coating resin systems.It successfully solves the technical problems caused by electrostatic agglomeration of pearlescent pigments in powder coating applications

Chesir Pearlescent synthetic mica coloring products are pearlescent pigments based on synthetic mica pearlescent pigments and coated with colored pigments on the surface.By controlling the amount of coloring pigments and coating process parameters, coloring products not only have pearl luster, but also have high color saturation, bright and stable colors, strong solvent resistance, and good dispersion.This series of pearlescent pigment products are widely used in cosmetics, art coatings, inks, leather and other industries.

On the first day of the exhibition, Chesir?Pearlescent has won the favor of many customers at home and abroad, in particular, a steady stream of international customers went to the Chesir?Pearlescent Booth to learn about products and discuss cooperation.Welcome all parties to continue to pay attention to the Chesir?Pearlescent booth, we are waiting for you!

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