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Chairman Su Ertian Visits Excellent Staffs


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On February 8, when the traditional Chinese New Year Festival is approaching, the company’s chairman and general manager Su Ertian led the company’s leadership team to visit the grass-roots excellent staffsl, to extend sincere blessings for the new year to everyone.

Chairman Su Ertian and his delegation first came to the company’s advanced model innovation studio to visit “Luzhai Craftsman” She Xiaolong, and had a cordial conversation with She Xiaolong and other members of the studio. She Xiaolong is an advanced model cultivated by our company. He is responsible for the pilot test of the company’s new products and the research and development of new processes. He has rich experience in the research and development and production of pearlescent pigments and has achieved excellent performance for many years.

Chairman Su Ertian encourages everyone to follow the role model, carry forward the spirit of craftsman, be customer-oriented, aim at the forefront of global pearlescent material development trends, actively develop new products and new processes, and lead the company’s high-quality development through technological innovation.

Afterwards, Chairman Su Ertian and his delegation came to functional departments and workshops to visit outstanding employees of each department, and distributed New Year gifts and bonus to them. Wherever he went, Chairman Su Ertian asked the employees about their work and life carefully, listened to their hearts carefully, and thanked all the employees for their contributions to the company’s production and operation, and technological innovation, and sent New Year greetings to the employees of all departments. . The simple “Happy New Year” of Chairman Su Ertian conveyed the company’s New Year blessings to employees at all levels, and the sincere “Thanks for your hard work” also represented the company’s affirmation and gratitude to outstanding employees.

Chairman Su Ertian said that 2021 is a crucial year in the company’s development process, and it is also a crucial year for reaching new heights in the new development stage. All our employees must continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, innovation-driven and market-oriented Oriented, take quality as the cornerstone, actively innovate and forge ahead, and continue to strive to become a well-known enterprise in the global pearlescent materials industry.

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