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Good luck to the resumption of Chesir in the year of Ox


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Early spring comes early to early man. Chesir is busying in the work resumption On February 19, the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the company’s chairman and general manager Su Ertian led all employees gathered at the gate of the company’s headquarters to hold a warm reumption ceremony to start a new journey in 2021.

Chairman Su Ertian delivered a speech at the reumption ceremony and wished all employees a happy new year.

In his speech, Chairman Su Ertian said that with the joy of harvest, we have gone through a fruitful 2020. New year, new start. All our employees must quickly get out of the festive atmosphere, immediately enter the working state, earnestly implement all the work this year, to ensure a good start. We must always have a strong enterprising spirit, “no matter what you do , try your best and achieve first-class result”. All tasks must adhere to high standards and strict requirements, give full play to their own advantages, tap their potential, strive to do unusual tasks, make superior tasks into bright spots, make bright spots into a brand, and create a new image of Chesir pearlescent. Establish a sense of ownership and sense of belonging. Let us continue to work hard, make persistent efforts, go all out to devote ourselves to the company’s work, complete the goals and tasks assigned by the board of directors in a comprehensive and high-quality manner, and work hard to achieve new progress and new leaps in 2021!

Chairman Su Ertian announced that“Chesir officially comes into resumption in 2021”

Afterwards Su Er Tian, the chairman of Qise Zhuguang, led the leadership team to every workshops, departments and the second phase of the project site to distribute New Year benefits to every employee who returned to their posts, and to check the resumption of work and production. The employees expressed that they must earnestly study the spirit of the chairman’s New Year speech, complete the company’s tasks this year with the spirit of hard work, and use the fullest work enthusiasm to start the new year and make a good start, and contribute to the development of Chesir.

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