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“New Energy Battery Material Laboratory” of Global New Material International (CHESIR) Officially Put into Operation


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On the morning of October 27, Global New Material International (CHESIR) held the opening ceremony of “New Energy Battery Material Laboratory”, marking that the laboratory was officially put into operation. Vice Chairman of the board of directors Zheng Shizhan, Vice President Jin Zengqin, Vice President Dong Wenta of Global New Material International and deputy general manager Tan Kun of CHESIR, as well as some employees of the company attended the opening ceremony.

New Energy Battery Material Laboratory has a complete new energy battery material research and development rooms, such as substrate processing room, surface treatment room, material preparation room, and it is equipped with advanced experimental instruments and equipment. Building on the frontier of new energy battery materials, the laboratory will focus on battery performance optimization and safety issues urgently needed in the field of new energy battery material technology. It will prioritize the research?of the key materials restricting the development of new energy vehicle industry, such as synthetic mica-based insulation system and battery diaphragm materials.

On the opening ceremony, Tan Kun, deputy general manager of CHESIR said that with the company’s technical advantages in the field of synthetic mica and the platform of “ZJU-CHESIR RESEARCH&DEVELOPMENT CENTER”, the company has a unique advantage in the R&D of new energy battery material, and it is expected to make major breakthroughs in some critical areas. This is another important direction of the company’s industrial chain extension.

Wei Beipei, director of Technology Innovation Center, said,?“the synthetic mica’s application is the important direction of new energy battery materials, and the company has done lots of research and?had in-depth technological exchange with various enterprises of new energy battery material. Some products has entered the stage of performance testing. We will gather resources to speed up product R&D, and try to complete the product development and start sales to the market next year.”

After the opening ceremony, Zheng Shizhan and other company leaders visited the laboratory to have a detailed understanding of the progress of the new energy battery materials R&D project. They encouraged the R&D team to continue with their efforts to make more achievements.

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