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“Set sail and Soar in Strong Wind” – 2021 Annual Investor Conference of Global New Material International (CHESIR) Held Successfully


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On November 23, the investor conference of Global New Material International Holdings Co., LTD. (stock code: 06616.HK) was held in Liuzhou Lotus Villa. On that day, industry analysts, media, representatives of investment institutions and individual investors from home and abroad gathered together and the conference was live streamed. During the heated question-and-answer exchanges, participants had an in-depth exchange of industrial prospects and planned for enterprise development. The company’s top management patiently addressed investor’ common questions. The conference revealed the company’s firm strategy of internationalization and strong development momentum – focus on the development of high-end pearlescent materials used on automotive, cosmetics, synthetic mica-based pearlescent pigment and new energy battery materials, and to become the world’s leading enterprise of surface performance materials!

The conference, whose theme was “Set sail and soar in strong wind” was carried out both on site and on webcast. Mr. Su Ertian, Chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Global New Material International (CHESIR), Mr. Zhou Fangchao, executive director and vice president, and Mr. Li Changhong, a CSC analyst, addressed the meeting respectively.

Mr. Su Ertian said that 2021 marked the tenth year of the company’s development, and it presented an excellent record to all shareholders and investors: market share ranking 1st in China, 4th in the world; R&D capacity and product quality index in the international advanced level; a listing of its shares on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Exploring ceaselessly. In the future, Global New Material International will make full use of the capital market platform and integrate global high-quality resources. Meanwhile, it will increase investment in scientific research and develop the upstream and downstream of pearlescent material industry chain so as to deepen the high-end application of synthetic mica in cosmetics, new energy materials and other fields. The company will go at full speed and return the investors with the investment rewards to achieve win-win and mutual benefits, and create a brilliant future together!

Afterwards, Mr.Zhou Fangchao introduced to investors the business development, product portfolio, R&D innovation, industrial layout and strategic planning in detail from the?aspects of?company’s market share, production quality, R&D capability, marketing team, management team and other aspects so that the guests can have a more comprehensive and clearer understanding of the company’s performance, leading advantages, prospects in the future, etc.

Li Changhong, an analyst of CSC, shared the high growth trend of pearlescent pigment and synthetic mica market in China and the advantages of synthetic mica in metallurgical, automotive, cosmetics and other industrial markets. Synthetic mica will gradually replace natural mica which is restricted by import and become the main base material of pearlescent pigment. He also introduced the overall market and policy environment for industry development. Global New Material International has leading advantages in the industry, such as full range of product categories, fast growth, structural optimization, capacity growth, and expansion of new materials.

During the negotiation and communication, guests from online and offline actively participated in the interaction, asking questions to the company’s responsible persons. Top management of the company, such as Mr. Su Ertian and Mr.Zhou Fangchao, gave detailed and patient answers, and had in-depth communication and exchange on the company’s operation, management and development strategy. It’s a very productive?conference.

On the afternoon, the investors went to the factory and visited the company’s product exhibition hall, R&D center and production workshop. They had a clear overall understanding of the company’s product application, industrial layout, innovation research and development and production process. In the process, investors gave full recognition to the company for its accurate grasp of the market’s strong demand for high-end and high-performance pearlescent pigment products and vigorous development of new energy battery materials based on synthetic mica.

Since Global New Material International was listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, it’s the first time that it held the investor meeting, which intended to establish a close connection between the company and investors. Through face-to-face communication, the company can listen to investors’ ideas, suggestions and expectations on the development of the company in a more comprehensive way. It also provides an opportunity for the company to introduce its development status and development strategy to investors in detail. The Department of Investor Relations Management will take this event as an opportunity to enhance the confidence and satisfaction of investors in the company through standardized corporate governance, transparent information disclosure and continuous innovation of investor relations management.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Zheng Shizhan, Executive Director and Vice President Jin Zengqin, Vice President Dong Wenta, Chief Financial Officer Wu Haihua (above leaders are from Global New Material International), deputy general manager Bai Zhihuan, Tan Kun, Zheng Moping, deputy chief financial officer Huang Xuelian and other major leaders (from CHESIR) attended the conference.

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