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Global New Material International (CHESIR) 2021 Staff Sports Meeting Grandly Held


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Passion ignites CHESIR, and hard work creates brilliance! On November 24th, the opening ceremony of the 2021 Staff Sports Meeting of Global New Material International (Chesir) was held amid the flying colorful flags and the majestic athlete’s march. Zheng Moping, deputy general manager of CHESIR, delivered an opening speech and announced the opening of the Games.

This 4-day Games have 10 competitive events such as ring factory running, table tennis, badminton, etc., which are diverse and interesting, making all employees of the company burst out with high enthusiasm.?They participate enthusiastically and fight?hard in various fields. In the process they enjoy happiness and develop friendships.

After the opening ceremony, the first event?is running?around the factory. All the employees are?vigorous and energetic,?kicking off the Games with a good spirit. In table tennis, badminton, basketball and other sports competitions, the participating employees fight hard and compete fiercely. The chess competition is?a wonderful game in the?calm. The participating employees show their skills and learn from each other. While competing, they inherit the Chinese culture and carry?forward the charm of the quintessence of the country. The atmosphere of the game is tense and the confrontation is?fierce, showing a high level of teamwork, which makes?the audience addicted.

Inside the arena, the athletes work hard for the glory of themselves and the team; outside the arena, the audience cheers for the wonderful event. One after another cheers and laughter echo in every corner of the company. All employees are?infected by such a happy atmosphere and complete their own work with fuller?enthusiasm and higher fighting spirit.

This sports meeting is not only a review of staff’ physical fitness, sports level, competition awareness and spirit of cooperation, but also a demonstration of Chesir’s adherance to the development idea of “leading corporate culture” and focus on the construction of corporate culture. All employees deepen communication to enhance friendship, and promote physical and mental health through sports. They carry forward the sports competition spirit of “not afraid of hardship, not admitting defeat, and not willing to fall behind”, and also fully demonstrate the spirit of Chesir staff’s unity and progress, courage to fight, and self-transcendence.

In the future, the company will continue to pay attention to the corporate cultural life of employees from various aspects. While relieving staff’ work pressure and enriching their amateur cultural life, their?brave and tenacious characters, self-transcendence quality, the will to meet challenges and the ability to take risks will be cultivated?and transformed into an inexhaustible driving force for better and faster development of the enterprise, by organizing more unique and innovative corporate activities.

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