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Chesir’s “commuter cars from Luzhai to Liuzhou” has been put into use!


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On the morning of November 20th, Chesir?held the opening ceremony of the commuter car for their staffs. Zheng Shizhan, the vice-chairman of the board, Jin Zengqin,the vice- president and other senior leaders of the company, like Zhou Fangchao and some of the staffs have attended the ceremony.

??On the ceremony, Zheng Shizhan announced?that the commuter car has officially been?put into use, while Zhou Fangchao, represented the company,delivering a brief speech on the usage of the commuter car from Liuzhou to Luzhai. Later, the staff representatives experienced the round trip between Chesir’s first-phase factory to the second-phase factory, enjoying the convenience that the commuter car offered.

The main route of the commuter car is from Luzhai to Liuzhou, which is totally free for their staffs on?their way to work. It provides a?more comfortable bus ride, more?powerful?traffic?safety?guarantee?on transportation, so that employees can?work?and?live?with?pleasure?and?full spirit. Meanwhile, they can have a better performance on work.

The commuter car not only brings convenience?for employees to commute, but also serves as a bridge which connects?employees and the company. It fully puts the working principle of Chesir“ people oriented, care?for?employees”into?practice. Besides, it also becomes the epitome of building an enterprises with happiness and promoting the development of enterprise humanistic care.

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