Welcome to the online home of Corangamite Arts Inc.

We’re working on new content for our website as the committee and its focus has changed over the last few years.

We remain an enthusiastic volunteer committee that look to support, create and nurture the creative arts in our local community.

We welcome and invite collaboration with local artists and art groups. Several groups meet regularly at the Arts Pavilion up at the Camperdown Showgrounds. Please contact us for further information and to discover what local groups you can join.

In the meantime you can also checkout our Corangamite Arts Inc. Facebook group run by Merrian Dennis: https://www.facebook.com/groups/322227594640984/  we now also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtsattheShowgrounds/ scroll down to see the latest feed.

Thanks for visiting this site, please look out for new content in 2019 🙂

Detail from, 'Above the Cradle' by Robin B. Acrylic on paper, 840 x 600mm
Detail from, ‘Above the Cradle’ by Robin B. Acrylic on paper, 840 x 600mm

A regular art group meets on Tuesdays, competitions are run throughout the year, we host art and music events, singing and writing groups. We connect with local artists and art groups. We’d love you to join us. Please get in touch to find out more… click here for our membership form.

In 2019 we will re-establish our statement of purpose.

Contact us to become a member of Corangamite Arts. By becoming a member you will receive emails about local and regional art events and competitions. By joining you also help to support the continuation of the incorporation that works to assist local artists and our regional art presence.

Local volunteer members include:
Jan Curwen, Lyn McLean, Delyce England, Joan Mahony, Florence Charles, Michael Lines-Kelly, Rebecca Lines-Kelly, Mary Harrison, Kajol Eagle, Carol Eagle, Margaret Nixon, Diane Millar, Marion Manifold, Merrian Dennis, Christine Peterson, Robin B, Gail Watson, Elaine Dryburgh, Yvonne Court, Ric & Pat Robertson, Robyn & Michael Emmerson, Tuniversal Music Group, Peter Daffy, Angela Preiss.

Contact Corangamite Arts:

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Are you a zinemaker? This will definitely interest you!Sticky Institute is now accepting bookings for The Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2019! Book via the online booking form here: https://goo.gl/forms/DOZ615TPgG30ssEj2 The zine fair will be a two day zine fair at the new location of the historic Trades Hall on Lygon Street in Carlton. The zine fair is happening on Saturday February 9th and Sunday February 10th 2019. The zine fair will go from 12 to 5 each day. It is free for zinemakers to have a stall at the zine fair because you are zinemakers and we love you. We will provide you with tables and chairs too. Please note - we are a zine shop organising a zine fair as part of a zine festival. We are expecting the zine fair to fully book out with beautiful zinemakers and there is not space at the zine fair for anything but zines. Thank you for keeping the zine fair a zine fair. To allow as many zinemakers as possible to participate in the zine fair we are offering half table spots to individual zinemakers and full tables to zine distros. You will need to nominate which day of the zine fair you would like to participate. We are offering two day spots to distros, interstate visitors and international visitors. There will be a waiting list for individual zinemakers who would like to participate in both days. Now get to work and make as many zines as you can as the clock is ticking down to 12 noon on February 9th. Thanks to the City of Melbourne for their support of the event through their Annual Arts Grants Program. Their support allows us to keep the event free for all zinemakers. Thanks to the amazing Pey Chi for designing the zine fair poster. Find more information on them here: https://www.peychi.com/ If you have any questions about the zine fair you can get in touch with the Sticky Institute coordinators by emailing: downstairs@stickyinstitute.com See you at the zine fair!!! All at Sticky. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Are you a zinemaker? This will definitely interest you!

Pop this in your diary.... 🎵🎶a sing 🎵🎶along 🎶🎵🎶 to celebrate Robert Burns’ Birthday!! January 25th @the Botanical Gardens Gardens. 12noon - 1pm
Bring a picnic 🧺
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Don Grieve 👍

What to you think about pricing artwork?Pricing your Artwork for Beginners Things to factor: Do you have a Bachelor or Masters degree in fine Art? How long have you been painting for? Have you won in Art prizes, major and smaller prizes? What materials do you use? What type of canvas and paints do you use? How long did it take you to paint that piece? Is your work framed? How many hours did you spend on the piece? Do you exhibit in galleries? How many shows have you had? Do you have a website? Do you have a good social media profile? There are criteria for selling your Art. It’s about the same as pricing a home in the real estate industry or selling a car. The principles are all very similar. Using comparable prices to similar artists that have long-term careers can be a way to get a gauge on what your work is worth. “Comps”, (Comparable prices) can depend on what area you are selling in a gallery in a country town will not fetch the same prices as a gallery in the city areas. Ask a Gallery director to help you with pricing your Art as well, as it will give you a chance to meet the director without trying to do a heavy sell or get your foot in the door. Make an appointment, don’t just turn up. If the director asks to see images on an email and you get rejected afterwards then don’t worry, that gallery might not have suited your work. However, in saying that you may still get a response from the director about your prices. A great way to price your work is to pay yourself a wage. This can be a shot in the foot for those artists that have an ego about themselves and their work. Get rid of that ego for a start. If you want to paint and make a living, you have to be able to justify to your clients and investors why you are charging the prices for what you do. Let's say you are okay with working for $25 an hour. Work out what the costs of your materials will be, paint, canvas, frames. Let's say that comes to a total of $100 for paints, canvas, and $175 for the frame. Let's say it takes you 20 hours to produce the work, 20 x 25 equals $500, plus $100, plus $175. Total cost for the painting is $775.00. It is only when you have been painting for some time that you can use your time and history and your degrees and prizes factor to increase your prices. So let's summarise some of the things you can do. 1: Define your market. Where do you sell your art? Do you sell locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? The art, artists and prices in your market are the ones you should pay the most attention to. 2: Define your type of art. What kind of art do you make? What are its physical characteristics? In what ways is it similar to other art? Find other Artists whose work you can make some comparisons. How do you categorise it? If you paint abstracts, for example, what kind of abstracts, how would you describe them? This is the type of art you generally want to focus on for comparison purposes. 3: Determine which artists make art similar to yours either by researching online or visiting galleries, open studios or other venues and seeing their work in person. Pay particular attention to those artists who also have career accomplishments and resumes similar to yours, who've been making art about as long as you have, showing about as long as you have, selling about as long as you have and so on. 4: See how much these similar artists charge for their art. Their prices will be good initial estimates of the prices you should charge for your art. 5: Use the best materials that you can. I have seen many investors and buyers look at an Art piece and ask the director to see the back of the painting. Many buyers will not buy a piece if it is painted on cheap materials. Not everyone can afford Belgium Linen, but if you are taking the time to produce a great work of Art, put in on a great piece of canvas or surface. If it looks cheap and tacky, it probably is. Graeme Stevenson Find more informative blogs for artists here: https://www.colourinyourlife.com.au/ ... See MoreSee Less

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What to you think about pricing artwork?

Know of anyone?POSITION FILLED Thanks all! URGENT REQUEST FOR A POTTER Ernabella Arts needs a skilled potter for 3-6 weeks between now and the end of March. Skills required are throwing at least 50cm high and being able to glaze and fire using electric kilns. You would be responsible for making blank pots for our artists to carve through underglazes as well as running the ceramic studio. It is a hard, but rewarding role working with First Nation artists. This casual role requires that you can make exhibition quality works. Ernabella Arts will pay for your travel, accommodation and pay a wage. Please contact Mel George with a brief paragraph of your skills and some images of your work as well as the dates you would be able to come. Email: arts@ernabellaarts.com.au ... See MoreSee Less

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Know of anyone?

Pop in and have a look. It’s a great art spaceMerri View Gallery Open weekends Directions from Warrnambool Station Merri St, Warrnambool VIC 3280 Head north-west on Merri St towards Henna St 180 m Continue onto Wellington St 280 m Turn left onto Harris St 700 m Continue onto MacDonald St 140 m At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Elliott St 130 m Turn right onto Coramba Ct Destination will be on the right ... See MoreSee Less

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Pop in and have a look. It’s a great art spaceImage attachment
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