Statement of Purpose

Corangamite Arts Inc.

Statement of Purpose

1.   To facilitate, develop, foster maintain and provide opportunities for artistic expression and appreciation of artistic expression in its various forms.

2.   To assist, coordinate and promote activities of various art forms, whether they be professional or amateur.

3.   To undertake and promote theatrical or artistic performance or demonstration, and art and craft display.

4.   To assist local artists or craftspeople whether professional or amateur to further their interests and skills

5.   To lobby, represent, advocate and influence governments for support of the arts locally

6.   To foster and assist projects which document, protect and encourage appreciation of local heritage.

7.   To foster community building and development through place-centered arts and cultural projects

8.   To forge partnerships with other or organisations committed to participation in and appreciation of the arts.

9.   To encourage and facilitate youth participation in the arts and foster partnerships with youth related projects

10.   To further reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous people through arts related projects